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Sentinel Technologies | Innovative Technology Partner
Sentinel Technologies | Innovative Technology Partner
Sentinel Technologies | Innovative Technology Partner


Virtual Company

We help start-ups grow and prosper in competitive markets. Sentinel Virtual Company solutions can reduce your costs and offer efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

Back Office

We enables small to medium businesses to create a more cost-effective and seamless back-office infrastructure that helps them focus on their growth.


We help our customers achieve high performance with our tailored solutions of Business Process Outsourcing. We utilize our business acumen to make it work for your business, leaving you to concentrate on your business growth in today’s market.

Call Center Solutions

Sentinel offers scalable, flexible and cost-effective contact center solutions creating a strategic part of your business. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of customer services market, we analyse and create tailored training packages for your business.

Sentinel Operation

Delivering Innovation and business outcomes through, strategic solutions; Virtual company setup, Back Office support, BPO-as-a-Service and Call Center Solutions.

Sentinel Operations delivers innovative technology solutions to automate business processes and BPO-as-a-Service solutions with our team’s deep industry knowledge and expertise in Strategic Operations.

Long-Term Partnerships

We believe in long-term partnerships to deliver integrated services which offer a positive difference. 

Value for Money

Our integrated business model is designed, not only to  boost your profitability, but be worth every penny, too.

Seamless Service Delivery

We ensure seamless service delivery using a customer-focused service, ensuring greater employee satisfaction.