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Getting Recruitment Right: Technology Enhanced
Employee Onboarding Solutions

As any accomplished business knows, a key component for success is the recruitment and retention of the right talent. Starting off on the right foot with your onboarding is always going to help you achieve this and it has been our mission to create and develop the HR compliance software, talent acquisition software and applications that will enable organisations to simplify their staff management processes from the start. To assist our customers, providing solutions to reduce costs and free up valuable time, we developed our simple and effective Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) with comprehensive recruitment automation tools that provide effective screening and vetting that ensures adherence to UK regulations GDPR & BS7858 and data privacy standards.

The Challenges of Screening and Vetting

In-depth and thorough screening and vetting is crucial for determining the best possible candidates for your roles, especially within businesses that require a high level of security and confidence in staff, such as Facicities Management and the Security Industry. To carry out these checks to the standards of BS7858, traditionally involves a multiple step process including background checks, employment history verifications, character, qualification and document checks. These checks can be time consuming and laborious, taking up the valuable time and resources of your HR and administration teams, with manual document collating and uploading, the need for checks and follow ups and sometimes delays and errors in communication leading to omissions. These issues can invariably lead to delays, increased cost and time. The need for maintaining compliance with regulations also adding additional pressure to your onboarding process.

Technology for Employee Onboarding Solutions

With our state-of-the-art Talent Acquisition Software, we have developed recruitment automation tools that address these challenges, providing efficiency and bringing all of the processes into one simple to use centralised system with a clear and easy to use HR management dashboard. With automated document management, candidates are able to upload their required information remotely, scanning and uploading to the app within their mobile phones. This process illuminates the need for manual document collation, saving time and also reducing the risk of losing important documentation.

By allowing for the creation of individual candidate profiles within, employers are able to capture all required information in one place, allowing your team to access, review and communicate candidate details and progress with ease. This solution aids in ensuring that details are not overlooked, maintaining and organising the candidates data in their individual profiles while tracking and checking progress through the recruitment stages.

This tracking is carried out in real-time, enhancing the efficiency of progress by monitoring through the user-friendly HR management dashboard, which has been designed with employer needs in mind. This real-time tracking allows for identifying any delays or bottlenecks within the process, eliminating any potential issues before they have chance to develop further. With clear indicators of the recruits status, HR teams are able to monitor without the need for constant chasing and delays on receipt of information and documents.

There is no room for error whole carrying out background and reference checks, which are vital for meeting the standards of BS7858, so by automating these within the system, the solution ensures that all are conducted thoroughly. Checking the progress and updating in real-time, we eliminate the possibility of human error, speeding up the process and ensuring that every detail meets with the standards and compliance required before moving to the next step.

By allowing for integrated and customised pre-employment tests and skills assessments, our solution offers you the advantage of evaluating candidates competencies based on your own requirements. This data driven recruitment advantage allows for easy filtering of candidates and correct decisions based on skills. Our integrated calendar tool also allows for interview scheduling and coordination between both interviewers and candidates, reducing the needs for multiple emails and phone calls and a transparency of communication for all.

Employees will have access to both their portal and mobile application, this access allows for a clear overview and ease of management of their information, documentation and progress. Employers will also have access to their portal, allowing for full transparency of the process and support for the employee with clear communication collated and logged in one place. Employers portal access gives clear information, monitoring of progress and communications as well as being able to collate data for informed decisions.
In addition our downloadable application works across all devices including iPhone and Android, giving your employees a simple way of scanning and uploading documents to their account within MiPeople.

Th Benefits of Using Technology in Recruitment

By automating many of the manual tasks involved in recruitment, ATS solutions significantly reduce the time and effort required to vet and onboard new employees. This efficiency translates into cost savings, as your team can focus their time on other tasks rather than laborious and repetitive administrative duties. Moreover, ATS ensures that all recruitment activities comply with BS7858 and GDPR regulations. The system’s secure document handling and automated checks provide peace of mind that the company is adhering to necessary legal standards.

This process also improves the candidate experience, with applicants having transparency and a level of control over their onboarding as well as the simplifying of document uploads and accessing information through their mobile phones. With a personalised experience for your company, with integrated testing and as a result data collation, technology allows for informative decision making and clear analytics to form clear pictures of suitability.


In today’s competitive business environment, leveraging technology applicant tracking software is a key driver for efficient and effective recruitment. By addressing the challenges of screening and vetting to BS7858 standards, ATS not only saves time and money but also ensures a smooth and compliant hiring process. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, ATS stands out as a valuable tool for any organisation looking to streamline their recruitment processes and secure the best talent.

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