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Our software offers a single, cutting-edge solution for all your security workforce needs.
Efficiently manage your employees with our all-in-one platform, which includes collaborative scheduling, patrol tracking, reporting, incident management, and lone worker safety.

What We Offer

Our team of professionals has designed MiSentinel as a comprehensive workforce management software that effectively manages all aspects of employee scheduling for your business.

Incident Management

Tracking and monitoring modules of MiSentinel Security Workforce Management Software (WFM) are designed in a very user-friendly way to understand what’s happing on the site in real-time.

Employee Scheduling

MiSentinel generates customised reports to help senior managers, middle managers, and operational staff to make well-informed decisions and while keeping costs in control.

Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Integration of the latest mobile app functionalities enables real-time visibility, seamless communications, and help staying in control of every aspect of remote operations Collaborative response to Incident Management.

Managed Reports

Experience streamlined HR reporting, audits support, paperless admin, seamless billing & payments, and customizable reporting templates—all within our all-in-one platform.

Managed Operations

Our platform empowers you to efficiently manage cover, ensuring the safety of lone workers while providing flexible incident management solutions. Customize out-of-office protocols effortlessly, and rely on our 24/7 Control Room, approved by ACS and SIA, for continuous monitoring and support.

Screening & Vetting

Conduct seamless credit checks and maintain GDPR compliance effortlessly. Streamline right to work verification and adhere to industry standards such as BS7858. Verify IDs and references with ease, ensuring trust and reliability throughout your operations.

E-Daily Occurrence Book

Easily manage daily security operations with our E-Daily Occurrence Book feature. Effortlessly create, edit, and view occurrences for streamlined scheduling.

Digital ID Card

Simplify your security management with hassle-free identification for employees and subcontractors. Effortlessly manage personnel while enhancing security measures with our user-friendly digital ID badge system.

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