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Hotel Staff Management Solution

A hotel consists of numerous operations & departments, where only a smart software that unifies & simplifies it is required by businesses. Cracking challenging tasks by leveraging cutting-edge tools & technologies is what our team at Sentinel Technologies excels in.

Our software is capable of aiding hospitality operators in automating many payroll functions in turn helping to run their own in-house payroll, no matter how complex the shift patterns of the staff is. Flexible hours, overtime & multi-role positions are typical when professionals work at a bar, restaurant or a fast-food cafe. On the other hand, our managed payroll service ensures that your staff is paid timely, every single time. 

Automating The Payroll Function Like Never Before

Manage payments, producing electronic or printed pay slips where your employees can access their e-pay slips from any place & any device that they’re using. No need for spreadsheets & this reduces chances of mistakes. Hence entering changes, overtime or adjustments in the pays can be done through a user-friendly online portal.

A few features of Hotel Management Software are:

User Roles & Privileges

Sentinel Technologies hotel management software lets you create multiple users & grant access depending on their duties & roles in the hotel.

Fast Check-in & Check-out Procedure

A fuss-free check-in & checkout for solo travelers, families, & large groups with this feature.

Organised Hotel Housekeeping

A very well-organized front office & timely housekeeping, aids in providing your guests with a pleasant staying experience at the hotel.


With Sentinel Technologies, no need to stress out as a comprehensive suite of information would be given each month including deduction & pay reconciliation reports.

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