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Sentinel Technologies | Innovative Technology Partner
Sentinel Technologies | Innovative Technology Partner
Sentinel Technologies | Innovative Technology Partner

Our Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise solutions help your security operations and processes to automate with innovative functions


MiSentinel is an innovative workforce management system that accelerates efficiency and productivity within your teams based in office and field.

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MiPeople is a cloud-based HR system that simplifies the recruitment and screening & vetting (BS7858) challenges for any size organization through an automated and user-friendly interface. To be a part of its exciting development stages and first to know more about the product, Register for a Beta Version now.

Sentinel Eye

Sentinel Eye is a remote monitoring station software focusing on body worn and dash cameras with response services. It’s a unique solution for the organization who care about their workforce‘s safety. Partner with us to integrate your devices or Register for a Beta Version.

WeSentinel – bridging opportunities

WeSentinel is a platform that integrates workforce provision between small and big organizations within security sector. Partner with us to reach regional suppliers for a rapid deployment of staff.

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Sentinel Technologies

Sentinel develops integrated solutions for the security industry.  In our innovative world, it has become really crucial for the companies to stay connected and continue to evolve in order to be efficient productivity, growth, sales, and profits.

While our partners enjoy leveraging off the services and solutions provided by Sentinel Technologies, we provide insights to allow them to make better decisions.  In doing so, our partners have more time to focus on the core goals of their business.


Developed by security industry experts, simplified for small and medium use – Mi-Sentinel is the obvious choice for your business.


We’re equipped and ready to integrate Mi-Sentinel features with your payroll applications. Simply get in touch with us today to initiate the process.


Our friendly teams are available around the clock to ensure the seamless running of our softwares. We’re here when you need us, whatever the situation.