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Sentinel Technologies understand that each organisation invests its heart and soul in maintaining its employee satisfaction rate, resultantly enabling them to give excellent performance in their work. Our modern staff management software solutions can support you in managing your timesheets and documents without any hassle. Now, easily keep track of all data, to audit and improve submissions.

Sentinel Technologies has worked for years bringing a peerless staff scheduling tool that’ll help you with handling a complete database with easily searchable and secure records. From personal details, emergency contacts, bank details, to performance records, trust us as we’ve got it covered. While running a company, you’d always have this in mind, “What is my budget?” or “How many employees do I need to manage?” These still can be taken care of but what about complex working scenarios i.e., the location of your workforce or your corporation, as well as local laws across jurisdictions which can have a potentially negative affect on the overall flow of work. Understanding the needs, we’ve applied our technological skills in a custom software so that your team deliver duties without mistakes. 

Why Choose Us

Sentinel Technologies staffing management & scheduling software can be fruitful for your company because.

GPS empowered time tracking

With a single tap, employees can clock in and out directly from their mobile phones - no matter they use android or IOS. Incredibly, any time a staff clocks in and out, a real-time timestamp and GPS location is tagged immediately.

Send and receive reports in real-time

Streamline reporting from site to office with real-time reports submitted such as an incident report, expense reimbursement, and much more because all you’d need for this - is a great WI-FI.

Efficient Job Scheduling

Make a schedule based on various requirements. Here, you can provide relevant information including time, address, or special notes allowing your staff to accept and reject shifts.

Compliance through ‘read and sign’ forms

Make sure each & every employee is compliant through digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, for instance, sexual harassment policy and complete employee handbook etc.

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