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Take your cleaning business to the next level

Mange your cleaning teams and schedules

Mop away the times of messy whiteboards & paper schedules. With high-end cleaning service software – now your company can streamline operations, expand their business; simultaneously have a more actionable & accountable staff. To keep a cleaning company organized could be a tough routine for the owner. With Sentinel Technologies residential & commercial cleaning software by your side, manage & organize your business without any stress. You must be wondering ‘How Would this Software help my business?’

  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Identify & deliver upsell for new business opportunities
  • Deep insight into financials, inventory & job costing
  • Customisable for your one-of-a-kind operational requirements
  • Send appointment confirmation texts & reminders to avoid 11th-hour cancelations
  • Manage customers, scheduling, estimates, dispatching, & invoicing via the app.

Why Choose Us

Choose us & it could be a transition for your company. Save time, effort & support your business finish up those heavy, tedious & time-consuming tasks with ease. Good news is our solutions drives daily operational efficiency while connecting back office & field operations.

Everything is in one place

Beneficial in a manner as all the shifts of your employees, daily or weekly duties, & everything else is in one place. Thanks to Sentinel Technologies cloud-based software that lets you access information no matter where you are!

More accurate timekeeping.

One cannot reasonably calculate how long various tasks would take, but with our software - you can get easily figure it out. Learn about the actual average time that your crew takes to clean a certain area! Take action & decide if the workers are to be trained or not in order to carry out the tasks efficiently.

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