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Comprehensive Inventory, Order & Warehouse Staff Management Software

Bringing The Future On Fingertips

Sentinel Technologies’ efficient web-based multi-channel order fulfillment and warehouse management platform has been crafted specifically for fashion, lifestyle & various other brands. In a single view, you can see the inventory across all marketplaces because a seamless order inventory can sync, in just a few seconds.

Need to carry out tasks in multiple locations – Not a problem anymore because our cloud-based & on-premises deployment strategies help the staff use advanced inventory management support; thus avoiding careless mistakes which had been previously caused due to miscommunication.

Why Choose Us

With sentinel technologies having your back – check 100% of the inventory to all sales channels, resulting in 2-3x increase in sales.

Being a cloud-based software solution, we’ve built to consolidate & streamline inventory, order as well as shipping management for numerous warehouses & numerous clients using our sole platform.

Streamlining & controlling all warehousing processes to make work less complicated & simpler, allows our users to manage all structures present in a warehousing operation, no matter what level of complexity they have - all the while can monitor the stock differences.

Make critical processes simpler, we help users cut down on costly errors savings hour on unending manual tasks. Optimizing both man & machine tasks surely keep operations run smoothly

We allow our users to award sales commissions, apply discounts to items, process payrolls & simultaneously set security levels for different employees

Manage multiple clients & billing plans for third-party logistics companies., witness absolute visibility & automated routine tasks for easy management

A user-friendly portal with timesheet - where you enter hours as you go instead of all at once, at the end of the pay period.

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