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Supporting retail teams save their precious time & money

Manage All Communication, Duties & Timesheets

Let your staff have access to all tools that’d keep them aligned! With a smart retail staffing & management solution they’d get paid timely because a peerless app as ours automates timesheets for prompt, accurate payroll in turn helping your team stay on the same page about important updates/scenarios from their managers. 

  • Catch up on flawless timesheets with our app! All you need to do is export them to your payroll software with a single click.
  • Anytime you want, have a look at the real-time attendance — who’s at work, who’s late, and who’s on a break.
  • Give tasks and receive notifications as soon as they’re done, informing all through the portal.
  • Share all necessary updates and documents via Deputy News Feed to make sure no work is neglected on your part. 

Retail Software Development Experience

What we passionately deliver for the retail industry has been several multifunctional custom staffing & management software specifically designed for various clients belonging to the retail industry. Undoubtedly, these are customer-centric and offer practical business solutions aiding in tackling the difficulties faced in the retail industry. Consequently, we have witnessed increased customer business in no time. 

Automatic Scheduling

Our Auto-plan module intelligently creates the roster for you in turn allowing you to have more time on hand for your customers as well as for the workers.


You’ll get warnings in shape of alerts in an event if collective agreements and rules are not being followed during scheduling.


Since the employer must keep track of all affairs in an organization, our app will give you an updated overview of staffing. In this manner, you’ll be avoiding the complication of under and over staffing, thus saving several work hours and wage costs.


With optimisation, your business can have a transparent and intuitive user interface, which optimises the planning process conveniently because all data is securely stored in one place.

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