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An intelligently planned & executed event management software

Event Management Software for Event Organizers

Sentinel Technologies is here to help you take care of all events which are affected due to the merciless COVID-19 outbreak. Transform the manner in which you manage events smartly by customised event management solution. Understanding the need of a perfect event, our custom event workforce management app can help you plan the event without stress! Manage events & workforce digitally and transform the way events are handled. No need to interact one-to-one with workers, as you’ll get started with an errorless check-in & check-out. Sentinel Technologies has surely developed a platform that allows you to manage events effectively & flawlessly.

No Stopping To Your Event Operations

Streamlining your event staff management would surely increase your capacity to scale up your event’s operations. So, reduce your administrative time today & accelerate your ability to take care of that expanding team of event workforce via an all-in-one event staff management software.

Event Management Mobile Apps

Our team strives hard to develop mobile apps for Android & iOS devices that helps several business domains host online events having state-of-the-art features like online registration, digital payments, safety gear detection, schedule management & in-app chat functionality.

Event Check-In Software

Gear up to our check-in process at events or conferences from your devises whether they’re smartphones or tablets. Event organizers nowadays choose event check-in software in order to have attendee information that can be used for lead generating purposes, updating tasks easily when notified about an employee’s check-in time.


Improve visibility along with managing more than one event via a single end-to-end solution. Keep a check through real-time view across all events, venues, as well as schedules.

Recruit Event Staff More Easily

Make an outstanding team of event staff, ushers & volunteers with Sentinel Technologies. Recruit a talented team through a customisable online registration form & roster a team based on merit, skills, qualifications, & availability in least amount of time.

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