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Saving time by providing auditable, up-to-the-minute coverage reports

How Serious Are You About Security?

What Sentinel Technologies is offering can help security officials feel safe while on duty simultaneously delivering essential alerts in real-time. Being our user, you can specify exactly which notifications you’d like to receive. Often, short notice changes are to be made wherever there are unfilled or understaffed shifts, systemic overtime shifting or non-compliance with business, understanding this & serving in IT industry for the past _ years, a comprehensive, all-bases-covered approach is applied to scheduling & workforce management. A powerful tool for professional security guards, we help security/IT teams always keep a check so that the worker feels safe especially in the current scenario of the deadly Covid-19. 

See ‘Live’ views of the employee management software which continually refreshes. An excellent tool to sell for all those who have a budget to work with; independent contractors or any other security professional with a strong clientele base should surely book a demo!


Secruity Protection - Sentinel Technologies

Take a look at best features

Security is surely labor-intensive, has high turnover but frequently a low profit business. Here, covering shifts effectively is mandatory & it solely depends on both good planning and intelligent management of last-minute changes.

Quick and Easy Schedules

An intuitive calendar allows you to check & assign shifts with just a couple of clicks. Simply see the names, slots & even areas covered.

Insight About your Data

Have a look at trends, costs, projections as well as detailed reports for each week, each employee, & each area where you have staffed.

Your Vacation Tracker

Have a look at your requests, upcoming leave, & even the remaining allowances for any worker.

Built-in Clock

Give your employees the freedom to clock in & clock out so you can see the real hours worked, be that on a quiet night shift or a one with lots of hustle.

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