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Empower your operations through automation! With extensive experience in various industries, automation will be that driving force which aligns your workforce by linking employee goals & job accountabilities to achieve organisational objectives

Software Development

With our savvy software design and development skills, stay ahead of the technology as we design business-centric and tailored enterprise solutions. Presenting you the new normal, we strive towards business mordernising & digital empowerment at the core of your business

Mobile App Development

Delivering advanced mobile experiences for mobile devices, wearables, IOT or augmented reality devices! Welcoming all companies at our platform to augment their development teams for app development, API integration, & many more

Agile Project Management

Select & manage an optimal portfolio of projects from our project experts as we’re here to maximise your organization's responsiveness, revenues & adaptability simultaneously keeping the projects aligned with your strategic business goals

Team Augmentation

Let our IT team augmentation add skilled technical resources to your in-house development team! Sentinel Technologies promises professional acumen & flexibility a team needs to scale quickly & timely finish development

Systems Integrations

Rendering matchless software integration services, we focus on building new business values & improving IT infrastructure. Offering tech advisory, custom & ready-made APIs our work ramps up process efficiencies in no time

Artificial Intelligence

Sentinel Technologies experts can help your business demystify the world of AI with realistic solutions. Being considerate of our client’s budget, our AI system is a perfect employee, working 24/7 without the need to be micromanagement

Outsourcing Developers

Our outsource team specializes in designing customized solutions for apps, websites, devices, and more, all while working within your timeline and budget. With our expertise in cutting-edge technologies, our graphic & software designers will exceed all your expectations.


Agile development model to maximize success

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Requirement Analysis

The requirement is the very first step in the SDLC process. It is to be conducted by the senior team members with inputs from all the stakeholders and experts of a specific industry. Planning for quality assurance requirements along with recognition of the numerous risks is also done at this stage which in turn gives a clear picture about the scope of the project, any impending issues, opportunities, and directives, which kickstarted the project in the first place.


In the next phase, the system and software design documents are prepared according to the requirement specification document. This assists in defining the overall structure and system. Here, design stage serves as an input for the next stage of the model.


Once the system design phase is over, the next phase is coding or development. At this stage, trained developers start building the whole system by writing a code, using the chosen programming language. 


When the software is completed, it is deployed in the testing phase. A testing team starts testing the functionality of the whole system which is done to verify whether the entire application works according to the customer requirement or not. 


As soon as the testing phase of the software is done, and no bugs or errors are left to be taken care of, then the final deployment process begins. Based on the project manager’s feedback, the final software is released and checked for any deployment issues.


Now when the system is deployed, and clients start using the software, the following 3 activities take place: –

  • Fixing Bugs – Any bugs reported, due to various reasons which had not been tested at all.
  • Upgrade – Upgrading the application to newer, better versions of the software.
  • Enhancement – Adding new, smart features into the existing software.

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