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Mange your catering teams and schedules

After the arrival of Covid-19, the hype in the popularity of online catering services cannot be neglected. The catering industry is primarily driving the market amid the deadly pandemic, due to wish many have started their own business while some have expanded theirs because of the high demand. Today quite a few challenges are being faced in the catering industry that only a sound catering software can help correct. Efficient management, unending hours, high turnover, inefficient training & the list goes on – all such dilemmas can now be in control using our solutions.

Catering software would help your restaurant and even foodservice companies manage all organisational challenges that tags along when running a catering business. With our matchless software – manage bookings, increase communication, better engagement between staff, plan and schedule events ahead using an online calendar. Not just this, track hours, staff availability & send bills to customers in a matter of seconds.

Want to know about our catering software?

Sentinel Technologies catering management software makes it easier reducing those lengthy error-prone manual processes when shifting to automated processes. A variety of catering software differ in features, implementation, ease of use, and price. So, keeping this in mind, we’ve created a customised software & made sure it serves the industry from every angle.

Efficient Scheduling

Fast & simple for all your employees – no matter what different role he/she must serve (for each event too). Beginning from the kitchen staff, caterers, cleaners – name any shift & you can provide relevant information by just a few swipes including time, address & important instructions. Employees too get to accept and reject shifts, as catering scheduling app can be operated without delays & glitches.

Onboarding and Training

Quickly get newcomers onboard by letting them read all policies, rules & operational processes from their very own mobile phone. Train staff, prepare them for events & create an accessible knowledge based on your catering dishes, and even how tables and food should be organized and presented at a function.

Automate Workflows

Make checklists for every department for event preparation, closing, then gather information about the event from your staff, regarding broken dishes, event pictures or any other matter that needs attention.

Time Tracking

Keep a check on work hours by sending automatic reminders. This would keep track of employees that when are they clocking in & out, sick day requests, their holidays and the management can review their timesheets too.

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