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Simplifying Personnel Issues in the Logistics Industry

Logistics faces a number of industry-specific challenges when it comes to personnel issues. There’s issues like:
• Protection for lone workers
• Working inside / outside IR35
• Planning shifts that include the required rest periods
• Creating complex rotas to make sure goods are delivered on time
• Establishing how many staff you need with seasonal demand

The list goes on.

What’s clear is that it’s crucial to have an effective system to manage these personnel issues. With a whole list of responsibilities on the desk of HR personnel – from logistics recruitment, to contracted hours, rates of pay and rotas – wouldn’t it be helpful to have technology to make life easier?

We have a couple of systems to help: MiPeople and MiSentinel. These apps work seamlessly together to solve your personnel issues in logistics.

MiPeople: Applicant tracking software to streamline recruitment

Applicant tracking software (ATS) is designed to help businesses manage the recruitment process more efficiently. It makes hiring in the logistics industry more straightforward.
One key benefit of an ATS is that it makes talent acquisition in logistics more efficient. It helps you with posting job openings, managing applications, and communicating with candidates.

Another significant benefit is the creation of a centralised candidate database. An ATS serves as a repository for all candidate information, making it easier for logistics companies to search and identify suitable candidates for various roles within their organisation.

Logistics companies can customise job postings with an ATS, tailoring them to their specific needs. This ensures that job advertisements attract candidates with the right skills and qualifications for positions within the industry.

You’re able to get to the right candidate much more quickly with an ATS. It will screen the CVs you receive, so that you can quickly filter through a large number of applications, identifying candidates who meet the specified criteria.

Compliance and reporting are simplified with the use of ATS. The software assists logistics companies in adhering to recruitment regulations and reporting requirements, a crucial aspect in industries where compliance with hiring standards and regulations is essential.
From the candidate’s point of view, they get a positive experience of your company from the outset. Applicants can easily submit their CVs, track their application status, and receive timely communication from your company.

Integrated systems for happier employees

Your ATS helps you manage the logistics workforce throughout the business. That’s because it integrates with other systems.
For example, your ATS will hold all of the information about a person’s holiday hours, contracted hours, and rates of pay. You can get that system to talk to the system you use for scheduling staff into your rotas. That means that there is no need for manual data entry, and your payroll system is simplified.

At SGS, the platforms we offer are MiPeople for your ATS, and MiSentinel for all of your scheduling needs.

If you’d like any more information about either of those products, please get in touch.