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A robust workforce management system can mean a great deal to the transport and logistics industry. The operations are often complex and continuous and they do not stop at just national borders. While the logistics market is growing, accuracy and time is still the king in this industry.

Optimal staff scheduling helps businesses work efficiently and helps managing the costs. Effective internal communication is also crucial for staff welfare and safety. Our products helps you to increase the productivity, quality, and safety of your processes and employee satisfaction.

At Sentinel technologies, we supply and implement up-to-date WFM software solutions for national and international transport and logistics companies. We provide full support with every software we deliver. 

Why Choose Us

With sentinel technologies having your back – check 100% of the inventory to all sales channels, resulting in 2-3x increase in sales.

Being a cloud-based software solution, we’ve built to consolidate & streamline inventory, order as well as shipping management for numerous warehouses & numerous clients using our sole platform.

Streamlining & controlling all logistic processes to make work less complicated & simpler, allows our users to manage all structures present in a warehousing operation, no matter what level of complexity they have - all the while can monitor the stock differences.

Make critical processes simpler, we help users cut down on costly errors savings hour on unending manual tasks. Optimizing both man & machine tasks surely keep operations run smoothly

We allow our users to award sales commissions, apply discounts to items, process payrolls & simultaneously set security levels for different employees

Manage multiple clients & billing plans for third-party logistics companies., witness absolute visibility & automated routine tasks for easy management

A user-friendly portal with timesheet - where you enter hours as you go instead of all at once, at the end of the pay period.

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